Capsis version 4.1.7

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski almost 12 years ago

Capsis 4.1.7 snapshot includes the following new features:

  • EXPERIMENTAL : new project file format based on XML (use .xsz extension)
  • Help files are managed on the web with the wiki
  • Improved translation manager (manage duplicated entry)
  • Use of generics in main classes
  • Repository cleaning (remove unused classes and files)
  • New Model Manager
  • Improved Icon Manager
  • Minor GUI improvement (new projet Dialog, extension selector)
  • Model are replaced by file
  • Main classes refactoring (introduce AbstractPlot, TreeListCell, ...)
  • kernel refactoring : capsis.kernel will be used in other projects
  • Better command line argument handling
  • New log (based on java logging)
  • New capsis.lib.math library based on apache commons-math library