Capsis version 4.1.7

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski almost 12 years ago

Capsis 4.1.7 snapshot includes the following new features:

  • EXPERIMENTAL : new project file format based on XML (use .xsz extension)
  • Help files are managed on the web with the wiki
  • Improved translation manager (manage duplicated entry)
  • Use of generics in main classes
  • Repository cleaning (remove unused classes and files)
  • New Model Manager
  • Improved Icon Manager
  • Minor GUI improvement (new projet Dialog, extension selector)
  • Model are replaced by file
  • Main classes refactoring (introduce AbstractPlot, TreeListCell, ...)
  • kernel refactoring : capsis.kernel will be used in other projects
  • Better command line argument handling
  • New log (based on java logging)
  • New capsis.lib.math library based on apache commons-math library

Capsis soon transferred under SVN

Added by François de Coligny about 12 years ago

The capsis project is currently managed under a CVS repository and should soon be migrated to SVN. SVN is similar to CVS but manages better files and directories moves, deletes and renames. SVN also uses global version numbers, making it easier to branch.

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