• Annotator

    IJ plugin for multi-class annotation of color images

  • AMAP Tutorials

    This project gathers together computer science tutorials given at AMAP by people from AMAP and for AMAP people.

  • AMAPstudio

    AMAPstudio is a software suite for plants architecture modelling

    It contains several libraries:

    • Jeeb (Just Enough Elements for plants Biomodelling): a multi-purpose library by the AMAP developers
    • Sketch: a library for rough and flexible 3D rendering...
    • Simeo

      Scene Implantation Manager with Edition by Outline

      The tool is a multi purpose 3D scene editor to (i) create 3D scenes, (ii) export to rendering or other simulation tools, (iii) run scene level 3D evolution models....

    • Xplo

      A software for plant architecture eXploration

      Build, edit, visualize and filter plant architecture data. Handle simulation and modelisation modules. See the wiki Xplo for more details on the project....

  • DiagARCHI

    Application mobile pour du diagnostic architectural

    La méthode ARCHI est une méthode de diagnostic du dépérissement et des capacités de résilience des arbres basée sur des connaissances en architecture végétale. L’appli DiagARCHI est une aide au diagnostic, à la saisie des données in situ et aux statistiques au niveau d’une placette. L’observateur est guidé par un enchaînement de questions simples. Les questions concernent les symptômes de dégradation et les processus de restauration du houppier....

  • Java utils

    Common classes to all Archimed related projects


    BIOMASS, Estimating Aboveground Biomass and Its Uncertainty in Tropical Forests.

  • PlantBioM

    The goal of this project is to develop and provide a Scilab toolbox and a Java library devoted to the modelling and simulation of retroactions between plant growth and plant biomechanics

  • Capsis

    Computer-Aided Projection of Strategies In Silviculture

    Capsis is a simulation platform for forestry growth / dynamics models. It is a tool for forest scientists, forest managers and education. It has been developed in the AMAP laboratory since 1999....

  • CMMP

    Continuous Mathematical Models for Plants

    • CROOT

      CRoot dedicated project, by Emilie Peynaud

    • PPE-PDE

      PPE-PDE project, by Emilie Peynaud


    A set of tools dedicated to tropical forest ecology based on remote sensing data

    • AMAPVox

      AMAPVox, LiDAR data voxelisation software

      Copyright (c) IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) 2016-2020


      Vincent, G., Antin, C., Laurans, M., Heurtebize, J., Durrieu, S., Lavalley, C., & Dauzat, J. (2017). Mapping plant area index of tropical evergreen forest by airborne laser scanning. A cross-validation study using LAI2200 optical sensor. Remote Sensing of Environment, 198, 254-266....

  • FOTO

    FOTO for FOurier transform Textural Ordination

    Predicting stand structure parameters for tropical forests from remotely sensed data by defining an index of canopy texture from the ordination of the Fourier spectra computed for tropical rain forest images....

  • MAIA

    Ressources MAIA

    Ateliers MAIA P3M

    Supports des ateliers sur le Wiki

    CR des réunions

    Compte rendu des réunions sur amap-collaboratif

  • Mimetic Point Process

    R package to generate mimetic point processes.

  • Pl@ntNet-Publish

    Botanical data Publication based on symphony

  • Pl@ntNet-Site vitrine

    Le projet du site vitrine, accessible à l'adresse
    et le site mobile

    svn checkout vitreplantnet
  • Repository for the network of central African forest plots

    This repository aim to host datasets extracted from the network of central African forest plots.

  • Toaster

    Tree and planT Organs And STructures analysER (TOASTER) is the ImageJ's plugin which manages the different tools developped by the lab for the identification and geometrical characterization of anatomical structures from macro or microscopic images....

    • GT-RootS

      GT-RootS (Global Traits of Root System) is the automated Java-based solution we develop for processing the root system images coming from the Rhizoscope, a Cirad’s phenotyping plateform dedicated to adult cereal plants.

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