Why this forum ?

Added by François de Coligny over 6 years ago

This forum is there to discuss all technical troubles modellers and end-users could encounter while using Capsis.

It can be about Java installation, using a Capsis installer, launching Capsis, questions about the user interface or the script mode, unexpected bugs or errors (...)

In case of problem, the first things to do are to check var/capsis.log (Tools > Log files), and the Capsis web site, see the main links below.

Capsis FAQ:

Documentation page:

User doc and installation guide:

Modeller installation guide:

If you don't find a solution there, you may use this forum or mail to a developer :-)

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RE: Why this forum ? - Added by Francois de Coligny (tester) over 6 years ago

To add a 'New message' or 'Reply' in a forum, the user must sign in to the Capsis forge with a Capsis login.

All modellers in the Capsis project have such a login: same for SVN access, Capsis Wiki web site update and login to this forge.

End-users don't have any Capsis login (see the Capsis charter: http://capsis.cirad.fr/capsis/charter), they may find information here without signing in.

RE: Why this forum ? - Added by Francois de Coligny (tester) over 6 years ago

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