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UMR AMAP (botAnique et bioInforMatique de l'Architecture des Plantes)

UMR website : http://amap.cirad.fr

Latest projects

  • Checker (11/04/2020 06:49 PM)

    ImageJ plugin for the visual checking of True Positives, False Positives and False Negatives in AgroDeep studies

  • Java utils (09/22/2020 02:09 PM)

    Common classes to all Archimed related projects

  • Repository for the network of central African forest plots (05/25/2020 11:06 AM)

    This repository aim to host datasets extracted from the network of central African forest plots.


  • FOTO (03/25/2020 03:21 PM)

    FOTO for FOurier transform Textural Ordination

    Predicting stand structure parameters for tropical forests from remotely sensed data by defining an index of canopy texture from the ordination of the Fourier spectra computed for tropical rain forest images....

  • AgroDeep Doc (03/23/2020 11:34 AM)

    Documentation d'AgroDeep

    git clone http://amap-dev.cirad.fr/git/agrodeep-doc.git