Migrate CVS 2 SVN (on the server...)

cvs2svn tool allows to convert a cvs repostory to an svn repository with all revision informations.

  • install cvs2svn : apt-get install cvs2svn
  • make a copy of the CVS directory from the server (capsis.cirad.fr:/opt/cvs) with scp
 scp -r coligny@capsis.cirad.fr:/opt/cvs capsiscvs
  • mount svn repository (amap-dev.cirad.fr:/var/svn) with sshfs
  • Test conversion
cvs2svn --dry-run --existing-svnrepos --encoding=UTF8 --encoding=iso-8859-1 --trunk-only -s svn/path/capsis/ cvspath/capsis/
  • Execute the command
 cvs2svn --existing-svnrepos  --encoding=UTF8 --encoding=iso-8859-1 --trunk-only -s svn/path/capsis/ cvspath/capsis/

More documentation : http://cvs2svn.tigris.org/cvs2svn.html