Some usefull functions on an ArchiTree

NodesList (scale=-1, order=-1, type=-1)
NodesListC (closure)
Complex (node, scale=-1)
Components (node, scale=-1)
Successor (node, inAxis= false)
Predecessor (node, inAxis= false)
Branches (node, closure =null)
Bearer (node, order =-1)
Ancestors (node, closure =null)
Descendants (node, Closure closure =null)
Order (node)
Scale (node)
Position (node, scale = -1, fromBottom = true)
Table (data,columnsLabel)
LineChart (data, labels)

Example 1 : UC Length extraction on the trunk

//get the list of nodes for scale = 4 , type name = "UC" and ramification order = 1 (that is the trunk)
nodes = NodesList(4,1,"UC") 

//collect the position in scale 2, the Length attribute and the Diameter attribute for each trunk UC 
res = nodes.collect({node -> res = [Position(node,2), Length(node), Diameter(node) ]}) 

//display the result in a table, where first column name is "Position", second column name is "Length" ...

//display the result in a chart, where abscissa name is "Position", first series is "Length" and second series is "Diameter" 
LineChart(res,["Position","Length", "Diameter"])