Capsis Version 4.2.0

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski about 11 years ago

The next major capsis release is 4.2.0. It will be available for download very soon.
This new release includes important code change, but preserve a backward compatibility with all the models.
These changes was necessary to prepare the future evolutions of Capsis.

Capsis 4.2.0 main changes :
  • Kernel class renaming
  • Code refactoring (explicit import, dependencies, settings...)
  • Method provider : combine default implementations by simulating multiple inheritance
  • Script mode simplification
  • Groovy can be used to write scripts, tests and models
  • Model reorganization : relay classes are optional
  • Robust compilation : specific extensions are included in model directory (and not in capsis directory)
  • Other language than French and English are supported (Chinese...)
  • jib is replaced by ant
  • Automatic dialog generator
  • Geotools support
  • Task manager with cancelable tasks
  • Improved user doc manager (support offline documentation)
  • Improved installer (include or not java sources)
  • Javadoc on the web
  • Fix a lot of small bugs