Capsis-4.2.1 LGPL is out

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski over 11 years ago

A new open source capsis release is available. It includes the following free models
  • Abial and Fagacees(INRA/LERFOB - Nancy)
  • ModisPinaster (UTAD CIFAP - Vila Real)
  • Mountain (CEMAGREF - Grenoble)
This new version includes also the following new features.
  • New project manager
  • New extension manager
  • Improved automation mode
  • Improved automatic user interface
  • New model output type : summary for synthetic results
  • Support of pure groovy modules
  • New dialog positionner
  • Extension refactoring and simplification (data extractor, intervener, export...)
  • Java/Python communication support
  • Easier module creation using a script and a module template
  • A lot of code simplification and rewrite
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Libraries update (apache.commons.math, jogl, sketch)
  • ...

Automatic user interface

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski about 12 years ago

Capsis is now able to generate automatically the graphical user interface for the model parameters
without writing specific java code.

Model parameters are displayed in a simple dialog box.
The following type are supported :

  • Integer
  • Float/Double
  • String
  • Filename (String)
  • Enumeration
  • List
  • ...

The generated dialog supports

  • Label translations.
  • Import/Export parameters from/to xml

Documentation is available on the capsis website :

New model architecture

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski about 12 years ago

Since november 2009, Capsis supports a new model architecture. This new architecture intends to :

  • Reduce the number of necessary classes.
  • Simplify the implementation of the model
  • Support automatic graphical user interface
  • Support automation to replay a scenario and do some variation on the parameters

The main differences with the previous architecture are:

  • Relay classes are optional : there is a default implementation
  • Settings and initial parameters are merged into a single class
  • Script mode is supported by default
  • Parameter classes and gui classes are separated

Documentation is available on the capsis website :

Capsis Version 4.2.0

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski about 12 years ago

The next major capsis release is 4.2.0. It will be available for download very soon.
This new release includes important code change, but preserve a backward compatibility with all the models.
These changes was necessary to prepare the future evolutions of Capsis.

Capsis 4.2.0 main changes :
  • Kernel class renaming
  • Code refactoring (explicit import, dependencies, settings...)
  • Method provider : combine default implementations by simulating multiple inheritance
  • Script mode simplification
  • Groovy can be used to write scripts, tests and models
  • Model reorganization : relay classes are optional
  • Robust compilation : specific extensions are included in model directory (and not in capsis directory)
  • Other language than French and English are supported (Chinese...)
  • jib is replaced by ant
  • Automatic dialog generator
  • Geotools support
  • Task manager with cancelable tasks
  • Improved user doc manager (support offline documentation)
  • Improved installer (include or not java sources)
  • Javadoc on the web
  • Fix a lot of small bugs

Capsis version 4.1.8 (1 comment)

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski over 12 years ago

Capsis 4.1.8 includes the following changes:

  • New project Dialog
  • Help file are download in a thread (improve startup)
  • Add an option to manage help file update frequency
  • Ant build system
  • Groovy console and new C4Script class
  • Test framework
  • Installer creation with Izpack
  • New step visibility management
  • Add expand and collapse step menu entry (use shift)
  • Improve step color management
  • Kernel refactoring
  • New icons
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor user interface improvements

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