User manual

The Launcher

AMAPVox can be used in two different modes : with and without interface.

With interface

By default, AMAPVox run with interface, you can execute directly the JAR file with java or you can use the command in a terminal :

java -jar <intallation_folder>/AMAPVoxLauncher.jar
The interface is divided in two sections (appear in green in the image below) :
  1. The news page where each modifications appears.
  2. The releases list, where you can install, launch and uninstall each available versions.

Without interface

To enable the second mode (batch mode), use the command :
"java -jar <intallation_folder>/AMAPVoxLauncher.jar -b".
Then follow the instructions in the terminal like so :

The main message :

The installation command :

The launch command :

The uninstallation command :

The Releases

You can execute each release independently.
That work in same manner of the Launcher, only the batch mode commands are differents.

To use it, run AMAPVox jar file with : "java -jar AMAPVox.jar [-option]"
And replace [-option] by one of those command line options below :

-h : print this help message.
--version : print product version and exit.
--execute-cfg="/home/file1.xml /home/file2.xml /home/file3.xml /home/file4.xml" :run task list from commande line.
--T : number of threads allocated to task execution. By default T=1 (--T=0 run task list with as many threads as possible).
--T-TLS_VOX : number of threads allocated to TLS voxelisation task. By default T-TLS_VOX=1 (--T-TLS_VOX=0 run voxelisation with as many threads as possible).