AMAPVox, LiDAR data voxelisation software.

A 64 bit Operating System and a 64 bit java binary are mandatory.

Getting Started


You can also download each release manually at this page :


AMAPVox is a full java application, it work in Windows, Linux and MAC.
The first think you need, is a Java development kit (JDK).
(Be sure to uninstall old versions of java before installing a new one)
You can download the JDK 8 here :
You can check the installation with the command : "java -version".


The user manual is accessible at this page :
Outdated manual for AMAPVox 1.0.1 : (outdated)


You can read the release history here with each new version and functionalities.

Source code

git clone


Researcher Gr├ęgoire Vincent, developer Philippe Verley