Scene Implantation Manager with Edition by Outline is a multi purpose 3D scene editor to (i) create 3D scenes, (ii) export to rendering or other simulation tools, (iii) run scene level 3D evolution models.

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Simeo is part of the Jeeb Project and is developed in the AMAP laboratory by F. de Coligny (INRA).


Documents and information:


Paul-Henry Cournède, Thomas Guyard, Benoit Bayol, Sébastien Griffon, François de Coligny, Philippe Borianne, Marc Jaeger, Philippe de Reffye, 2009. A Forest Growth Simulator Based on Functional-Structural Modelling of Individual Trees. Third International Symposium on Plant Growth Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and Applications (PMA09), Beijing : Chine (2009) pdf


GL-PBM - a GreenLab / Process Based Model connection

Feng Lu, Ph. de Reffye, Ph. Borianne, S. Griffon, F. de Coligny, from august 2010
Plant Maize in a scene (in rows or differently). Use a Voronoi diagram (truncated by the terrain polygon) to calculate the surface available for each plant. Run the GL-PBM growth module to see how the plantation evolves. Export to the LandscapeViewer (JMonkey technology) integrated in Jeeb by S. Griffon.

Context: a paper by Feng Lu in FSPM 2010.

A maize field: plantation in Simeo, growth by GL-PBM and view in LanscapeViewer directly from Simeo

AmapSim (Gaspp) and Glance connection

J.-F. Barczi, F. de Coligny, from june 2010
Plant AmapSim parameter files (.fpa) in a scene. Each file is associated with an age of the plant and a random seed. Gaspp generates the .opf file and can be set up to generate the .lig and .mtg files. If .lig files are generated, it is possible to open them in Glance.
Note: to have a complete .opf file, a .headeropf file must be provided (in the .fpa directory)
Note: .lig need a .dta and the related .smb files to be provided (in the .fpa directory)
Context: a milestone meeting (june, 17th 2010) by O. Taugourdeau in the Jeeb project development, involving S.Griffon, J.-F. Barczi, J. Dauzat and F. de Coligny.

A 20 years old merisier in Glance (.lig), in Archimed (.opf) and in Xplo (.opf with irradiance attributes)

Archimed connection

J. Dauzat, F. de Coligny, from october 2009
Plant trees (Amap .lig files or .opf - Open Plant Format - files) in a scene (see AmapScene below) and run a radiative balance calculation by Archimed.
Context: a paper for the FSPM conference in 2010, O. Taugourdeau, Y. Caraglio, J.-F. Barczi and S. Griffon

Archimed output sample Archimed output sample Archimed output sample Archimed output sample


Ph. de Reffye, P.H. Cournède, Ph. Borianne, F. de Coligny, S. Griffon, M. Jaeger, from december 2008
Plant trees and plants with various patterns, Delaunay triangulation and associated Voronoi diagram, export to Digiplante with the surface for each plant, viewing in SLE and AMAP renderers.
Context: a paper for the PMA09 conference.



F. de Coligny, M. Jaeger, from june 2007
Creation of AMAP scenes made of .lig files mainly for rendering in calrgb or other renderers.



F. de Coligny, E. Rigolot, F. Pimont, I. Lecomte, B. Pezzatti, E. Rigaud, O. Vigy, from september 2006
Fire Paradox Fuel manager: user friendly software that generates vegetation scenes in 3D to be used as input data for fire behaviour models.
This project is hosted in Capsis and is based on the Sketch library, the same base than Simeo.


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