Capsis: Capsis Version 4.2.0

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski almost 12 years ago

The next major capsis release is 4.2.0. It will be available for download very soon.
This new release includes important code change, but preserve a backward compatibility with all the models.
These changes was necessary to prepare the future evolutions of Capsis.

Capsis 4.2.0 main changes :
  • Kernel class renaming
  • Code refactoring (explicit import, dependencies, settings...)
  • Method provider : combine default implementations by simulating multiple inheritance
  • Script mode simplification
  • Groovy can be used to write scripts, tests and models
  • Model reorganization : relay classes are optional
  • Robust compilation : specific extensions are included in model directory (and not in capsis directory)
  • Other language than French and English are supported (Chinese...)
  • jib is replaced by ant
  • Automatic dialog generator
  • Geotools support
  • Task manager with cancelable tasks
  • Improved user doc manager (support offline documentation)
  • Improved installer (include or not java sources)
  • Javadoc on the web
  • Fix a lot of small bugs

Capsis: Capsis version 4.1.8 (1 comment)

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski over 12 years ago

Capsis 4.1.8 includes the following changes:

  • New project Dialog
  • Help file are download in a thread (improve startup)
  • Add an option to manage help file update frequency
  • Ant build system
  • Groovy console and new C4Script class
  • Test framework
  • Installer creation with Izpack
  • New step visibility management
  • Add expand and collapse step menu entry (use shift)
  • Improve step color management
  • Kernel refactoring
  • New icons
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor user interface improvements

Capsis: Capsis version 4.1.7

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski over 12 years ago

Capsis 4.1.7 snapshot includes the following new features:

  • EXPERIMENTAL : new project file format based on XML (use .xsz extension)
  • Help files are managed on the web with the wiki
  • Improved translation manager (manage duplicated entry)
  • Use of generics in main classes
  • Repository cleaning (remove unused classes and files)
  • New Model Manager
  • Improved Icon Manager
  • Minor GUI improvement (new projet Dialog, extension selector)
  • Model are replaced by file
  • Main classes refactoring (introduce AbstractPlot, TreeListCell, ...)
  • kernel refactoring : capsis.kernel will be used in other projects
  • Better command line argument handling
  • New log (based on java logging)
  • New capsis.lib.math library based on apache commons-math library

Capsis: Capsis version 4.1.7 roadmap

Added by Samuel Dufour-Kowalski almost 13 years ago

The next version of capsis is planned to be available during next month.

  • It will depends on JDK 1.6
  • New Help system
  • XML format for project files
  • New translation manager
  • Minor refactoring (generics, remove warnings, repository cleaning)
  • Minor improvement (model manager, command line, default brows
  • SVN repository
  • Can be imported in eclipse IDE
  • ...

See the roadmap at :

Capsis: Capsis soon transferred under SVN

Added by François de Coligny almost 13 years ago

The capsis project is currently managed under a CVS repository and should soon be migrated to SVN. SVN is similar to CVS but manages better files and directories moves, deletes and renames. SVN also uses global version numbers, making it easier to branch.

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